Condominium Lending

South Shore Bank is committed to providing viable financing options for condominium communities throughout New England. We understand each community is unique and each requires a customized lending solution tailored to your needs. Our team of experts will work with your board and property management company to understand your needs, develop a solution, answer questions and be with you through every step of the borrowing process.  

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Your Relationship Manager

Dan Picha Director of Digital, Payments & Specialty Banking

Dan Picha
Chief Banking Officer

As a member of South Shore Bank’s Senior Management Team, Dan has 25 years of banking experience including a focus for the last 15 years providing banking solutions to condominium associations throughout New England.  

Dan serves as Chairman of the Finance Committee and is a member of the Capital Spending Committee for the Town of East Bridgewater. 

Dan also is on the Board of Directors for Condo Media.

From our Clients

In the Condominium Management Industry we are always looking for the best services and pricing for our clients. With so many communities facing the challenges of replacing large scale capital property components, the financial stress of how to cover the costs of those projects begins to set it.  In some cases assessments and the use of existing reserves is a preferred option.  But what if those options are not available? What if the project arises earlier than predicted due to premature failure?  This is where South Shore Bank is able to help provide communities the funding needed today and the option to reduce the financial impact to owners by spreading the repayment over time.  Mercantile Property Management has been working with South Shore Bank, in particular Daniel Picha and Christopher Walker, producing these alternative options for many of our clients for the last several years.  Dan and Chris’ attention to client needs, understanding of project necessity and development, and financial planning have been a major asset to both our clients and to my staff as we work to develop the most cost effective and financially feasible plans for each community.  The loan process from start to finish is fluid, well documented, prompt, and clearly explained to clients.  No questions go unanswered. - Ryan J. McGowan, CMCA®, President, Mercantile Property Management