Donations and Sponsorships

As a local institution, we aren't just bankers, we're neighbors. We're committed to serving the needs of our communities we live and do business in. Invested in helping our community thrive, we're always working alongside you at local events and volunteering for important causes, helping our community grow and succeed.

South Shore Bank is dedicated to helping our community succeed. We're committed to supporting organizations that do the same. As an organization who assists our local communities and benefits the well-being of people living in the counties we serve, you may be eligible for a donation or sponsorship from South Shore Bank.

South Shore Bank would like to thank all our community partners for a wonderful 2023. We are excited to continue sharing success in 2024!

General Guidelines

The requesting organization or program should assist our local communities and benefit people living within the counties we serve.

  • All donation requests should be made at least 30 days before funds are needed.
  • All donation requests must be submitted on the Request Form, available at or any branch location. Form to be completed in its entirety.

Giving Opportunities

  • Monetary Donation or Sponsorship. See General Guidelines.
  • In-Kind Donations of promotional items. See General Guidelines.
  • Volunteers. In addition to supporting our local organizations financially, we believe that in order to make a community really shine, it takes people volunteering to help. If your organization needs a little help, let us know.