Child Tax Credits 2021 

South Shore Bank is standing ready to help our clients get access to the government’s approved Child Tax Credits quickly, securely, and safely. The following are important dates and Frequently Asked Questions for your review. 

The Child Tax Credit is slated to begin its first-ever monthly cash payments on July 15, 2021 when the Internal Revenue Service will begin sending payments to eligible families with children ages 17 or younger. After that, payments will be disbursed on a monthly basis through December 2021. For more information regarding how advance Child Tax Credit payments are disbursed, see Advance Payment Process of the Child Tax Credit

How will I receive my Child Tax Credit (if qualified)? 

Direct Deposit or Prepaid Debit Cards 

The fastest way to get advanced payments in a safe and secure manner is through direct deposit to either a bank account or a reloadable prepaid debit card. 

If the IRS has received your banking information, your payment will be sent to you as a direct deposit. The government will use bank account information from the following sources, in the following order: 

  • Your 2020 tax return. 
  • Your 2019 tax return, including information you entered into the Non-Filer tool on in 2020. 
  • A federal agency that provides you benefits, such as: Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, or the Railroad Retirement Board. 

If the government does not have bank account information to issue you a direct deposit, they will send your advance Child Tax Credit payments by mail.   

Paper Checks 

As a last resort, we understand that the government will need to send paper checks to consumers across the country.  There may be fixed capacity limitations for mailing checks, so some recipients will be waiting weeks for theirs to be mailed. We strongly encourage our clients to deposit their checks using our secure mobile app, Face2Face machines, or ATMs. To speed delivery of your payment, clients without a personal checking account can also consider opening an account online here

What do I need to do to receive my economic impact payment? 

Most consumers don’t need to take any action. If you are eligible to receive advance Child Tax Credit payments based on your 2020 tax return or 2019 tax return (including information you entered into the Non-Filer tool for Economic Impact Payments on in 2020), you generally will receive those payments automatically without needing to take any additional action. 

Once deposited, how quickly will I have access to the funds? Is this different for direct deposit and checks? 

Consumers who have the funds deposited directly into their accounts will have access to the funds much faster. Waiting for a paper check to be printed and mailed will take longer. 

IMPORTANT! Consumers should be wary of fraudsters who are already attempting to scam people out of their payment and keep in mind that the government will not contact you by phone, text, or email about this payment. 

For additional questions 

Please feel free to contact our Client Information Center (CIC) at or call 781.682.3715. Please continue to visit for updates.