Thanks to South Shore Bank's Mortgage Division, Residential Lending is a Lot Less Stressful

When you buy or refinance a home, you’re investing in the community where you live and vacation. South Shore Bank believes that your Mortgage provider should be a vested part of your community.

Since 1833, South Shore Bank has been known for its caring, client-focused service. The Mortgage Division is a full-service lender with dedicated professionals who serve the needs of home buyers, builders and real estate lenders throughout the community.

Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, refinancing, buying your first home or purchasing a vacation home, South Shore Bank’s Mortgage Division provides the expertise and step-by-step support to carry you through a process that can sometimes seem overwhelming.

The Bank provides personal attention, minimizing stress and offering support in several ways. “Buying a home is a big commitment and a lot of emotions go along with it,” says Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer Pamela O’Leary. “Our residential lending team is here to guide you through the whole process so that you can have the best experience possible.”

O’Leary joined South Shore Bank in 2004 after seventeen years of banking experience in IT, security compliance and process improvement. Her extensive background gives her rare knowledge and insight into the systems, technology and methodologies that allow a bank to provide the best service in today’s world. Still, for O’Leary, providing top-notch service is all about the people. She derives great satisfaction from providing mortgage lending as part of a community bank that builds relationships. “People who come to us for a mortgage are entering a new phase of life. They might be buying their first home, moving to a place with a backyard for their new dog, downsizing after their kids have moved out or refinancing so that they can support a family member. Helping them make those changes in an efficient, effective way so that they can be successful is incredibly meaningful.”

Whether you access the South Shore Bank Mortgage Division in person, by phone or online, its team will not only help you get started, but will also explain what to expect along the way. Clients receive a welcome kit with information about the Bank’s Mortgage Products and a home purchasing guide that details the process and what clients should expect from a real estate agent and loan officer. Many people find the paperwork involved with the loan process to be daunting. The team at the South Shore Bank Mortgage Division assists with this step, as well, providing a document checklist, helping clients find the necessary information and ensuring that all documentation is received securely.

South Shore Bank is a trusted provider that is committed to first-rate cyber protection and has cutting-edge security and compliance systems. Moreover, its mortgage professionals have the experience and training to handle a client’s information efficiently. O’Leary believes that technology is a great tool, but that “it’s also about the people who use it. It should make people more effective in their jobs and make it easier for our clients to achieve their goals.”

South Shore Bank’s Mortgage Division handles a variety of mortgage products to fit all borrowers. South Shore bank partners with multiple local agencies to help clients find the right financing for their individual needs. The Bank offers First Time Buyer Seminars and partners with NeighborWorks Home Partners, an organization whose mission is empowering individuals and communities by helping people buy, fix and keep their homes.

The South Shore Bank Mortgage Division’s services are all in-house. The team that handles the residential lending process is with a client from beginning to end. Director of Consumer Lending and Loan Operations Bindiya Jain’s team also helps with mapping out the lending process and putting the mortgage package together for approval. “We support our clients throughout the whole process,” says O’Leary. “There are always multiple people who are available to help.”

South Shore Bank’s Mortgage Division is a reliable and efficient partner with their clients as they navigate the home-buying or refinancing process. When you find your dream home or seek to refinance, its team of local Loan Representatives will be there to assist you.

For O’Leary, the most rewarding part of this job is the satisfaction of knowing that she and the South Shore Bank Mortgage Division staff make a difference in people’s lives. “I’m proud that clients come in and want to work with us. After we help someone with their mortgage, we want to continue to be their bank of choice and help them realize their other financial dreams.”

Visit South Shore Bank at any of their locations, find more information online at southshorebank.mortgagewebcenter. com or call 781.682.3715 to speak with a Mortgage Loan representative.

By Erica Ford, photos by Susanne Malloy

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