South Shore Bank Sponsors Massasoit Community College Student ID's

Identification badges, sometimes unnoticed and forgotten, are a commonplace yet important necessity for many businesses and organizations. Thanks to South Shore Bank, Massasoit Community College students will soon be getting revamped ID badges. South Shore Bank is providing the equipment and software for Massasoit’s three campus locations to produce the student IDs. In addition, the bank will provide training on the software and equipment for employees, support for maintenance of the ID equipment, the plastics necessary for 10,000 student IDs, and lanyards to hold them.

“We are grateful for our partnership with South Shore Bank and are excited by the opportunities this initiative offers to our students,” said Dr. Gena Glickman, president of Massasoit Community College. “South Shore Bank has been a strong supporter of Massasoit, and we know that these new IDs are essential for Massasoit students to feel recognized, safe, and part of our campuses.”

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