South Shore Peer Recovery

Mark Mulhern of South Shore Peer Recovery (SSPR) runs a small, non-profit recovery community center with a mission to provide support and hope for individuals and families. They are proud to have had the ability to serve over 500 unique individuals and over 7500 group attendees this past year in the South Shore area. While based out of Scituate, SSPR plans to expand with a center opening in Weymouth soon, and all their services are free. “In reflection, I’m not sure if South Shore Peer Recovery would still be here if not for South Shore Bank.” 

Mark was introduced to South Shore Bank through the Bank’s COO, Pamela O’Leary, who was serving as a member on SSPR’s Board.  It was a fortunate meeting because, at a time when SSPR was in desperate need of support, the Bank offered a commitment of assistance with the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). This convinced SSPR to move their banking to South Shore Bank. It was a great business move not only because the Bank covered their basic banking needs, but it was also fundamental in meeting other needs. Bank representatives visited SSPR’s center and installed remote check deposit scanners, the Bank has been prompt in their services, and consistently responsive to the needs and concerns of SSPR. The Bank’s dedication to their clients is immeasurable.  “When you are a group of 3-5 people, saving trips to the bank is a life-changer.”  

South Shore Bank stands out to SSPR because of the priority and commitment they made to them as a very small community-based business. The Bank made the process of getting PPP loans fast, smooth, and efficient. “South Shore Bank gave South Shore Peer Recovery a lifeline.” The Bank does not just commit to donating, but also supports their mission which allows them to not only maintain their services, but to grow and reach more individuals and families on the South Shore. Additionally, when most meeting spaces closed and options to continue meeting were slim during Covid, South Shore Bank offered the use of their retail locations as meeting spaces. This, to Mark, was the standout moment that proved the level of care and concern the Bank shows for its community.  

As an organization that does not have a revenue source, SSPR is only able to depend on community support and sponsorships. South Shore Bank is instrumental as a sponsor of their annual fund raiser and has also committed to a 3-year donation to help allow SSPR to thrive.  

Mark would certainly recommend South Shore Bank to others mainly because the Bank is attentive and committed to its unique needs as a small business and is always responsive. A highlight from working with SSB is that SSPR knows that they are banking and putting money into a business that supports the community and the “small dogs on the block” just as much as big businesses. Jim, the Bank’s President and CEO, never fails to give his direct attention. During any time that SSPR has met with Jim, he makes it known that SSPR is a Bank client that he supports.