South Shore Habitat for Humanity

South Shore Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to partner with low to moderate income families who have a need for affordable housing. Their goal is to bring people together to build homes, communities, and hope. In addition, they work with low to moderate income seniors in need of modifications to make their homes safer so they can age in place.

In this Q&A, Beth Lyons, Executive Director of South Shore Habitat for Humanity, explains how South Shore Bank is helping their organization make a difference in the community as they build safe, healthy, and affordable homes.

Tell us about your working relationship with South Shore Bank. – “The personal service we receive from South Shore Bank is key to helping South Shore Habitat for Humanity operate efficiently.”

In what ways has South Shore Bank gone above and beyond to serve South Shore Habitat for Humanity? – “As a small, nonprofit organization, the full-suite of mortgaging services that South Shore Bank provides is a huge help and essential to not only reducing costs, but also in providing banking expertise, which, in turn, allows South Shore Habitat to focus on our mission. The Bank has generously supported Habitat for Humanity which helps us build more homes for the low-income families in our community. Antonette Davis, South Shore Bank’s Director of Loan Servicing is a Director on our Board – further evidence that the Bank believes in our mission and shares our values of bringing people together to offer families and individuals the opportunity to build and purchase their own safe, affordable home.”

Would you recommend South Shore Bank to others who are looking for a similar banking partnership for their non-profit or business? – “Working with South Shore Bank is a very personable experience. The people we interact with at South Shore Bank are quick to respond and always willing to offer expertise and support. Having a personal relationship with the Bank makes it a lot easier. I would highly recommend working with South Shore Bank because their client service is exceptional, and they are eager to assist. The highlight of banking with South Shore Bank is the ease with which South Shore Habitat for Humanity can accomplish our goals.