South Shore Conservatory

People who hear the word conservatory might think of a place like Juilliard, but at South Shore Conservatory it’s really all about community. For over a half century, the community school for the arts has been serving its mission of delivering excellence in music and dance education, performance programs, arts-integrated early childhood learning, and creative arts therapies at its campuses in Hingham and Duxbury, Massachusetts.

In this Q&A, Robert Cinnante, President of South Shore Conservatory, shares about how a partnership with South Shore Bank is helping them achieve their mission.

What is the mission of South Shore Conservatory? - It’s really the South Shore’s home for the arts. Our mission is to provide access for all ages as children may start their journeys at the Conservatory as infants and carry their involvement all the way through adulthood. We welcome a diverse group of students coming from various backgrounds. Some are non-verbal or have other cognitive limitations and they can come have a place here at the Conservatory. People access music for many reasons, so we try to accommodate those reasons and meet them where they’re at. 

How did you decide to partner with South Shore Bank? - Although there are lots of opportunities for banking in our region, South Shore Bank is special because of the shared values between our organization and the Bank. After hearing CEO, Jim Dunphy, speak at various occasions including South Shore Chamber of Commerce events where I serve on the Board, I met with Jim and Bob DiGiovanni, Director of Retail Banking about bringing our non-profit’s needs over to the Bank.  

What makes South Shore Bank special? - The Bank is community centric. A non-profit needs to steward its relationships well, and South Shore Bank embodies that. We refer to our client-bank relationship as a partnership which is a key to success. To be sustainable, you really need to look at it like that.  

What is an example of a time South Shore Bank has gone above and beyond for you? - South Shore Bank has been able to go above and beyond providing fundamental banking services for South Shore Conservatory by also providing creative resources that are like fuel for a non-profit. An example of this is through this piece in Boston Magazine highlighting our ImagineARTS initiative that helps underserved students in Brockton receive access to arts education. Through sharing this piece with partners and donors, I believe it has truly resonated with readers and helped spread the message of our mission.  

How would you describe the partnership between South Shore Conservatory and South Shore Bank? - We really feel like we have an advocate in South Shore Bank. The personalized experience they bring is client centric and it’s a value that feels consistent whether we’re talking to the CEO, visiting a banking center, or even working with the marketing team to share this testimonial. Nonprofits are stretched thin and partnering with a Bank that goes the extra step can be huge. It allows us to do our work better, which helps us serve the community. Our vision is to build a vibrant arts community and South Shore Bank is helping us do that. 

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