Resident Salon Services

Resident Salon Services is a family owned and operated business established in 1977 that provides on-site salon services to retirement communities and assisted living facilities. As a leader in the industry, they have a unique niche that serves the nation, with their largest client base in Massachusetts. Founders Bart and Cathy Boncaldo find it important to maintain a localized relationship with their banking partner and have felt like they have found that with South Shore Bank.  

They appreciate the ‘hands-on’ approach that everyone at the Bank provides them with and have felt that the level of client service they have received has met and exceeded their expectations.  Bart said, “South Shore Bank treats you as a person; you’re not just a number”. When they call the Bank for help, they connect with a person. Bart also mentioned that although Jim Dunphy is the Bank’s CEO & President, he makes him feel as if he is a direct contact, and working with him has been a pleasure.   

Like many businesses, Resident Salon Services was met with difficult times during the Covid-19 pandemic, but South Shore Bank worked with them to establish a plan to help them get through it. When their business was virtually at a standstill, it was Amy Gogan (retired) who was their exceptional go-to person at the Bank. She was essential in keeping their business above water during that trying time. Bart recalled the way that South Shore Bank showed their belief in Resident Salon Services and worked diligently to keep them afloat. This really resonated with him as the Bank gave assistance when they needed it most. Being able to turn to the Bank for loans and systems that helped them transition while their company was going through changes was something Bart remarked on as having a great impact to their business and a big highlight during that time when he, himself, was hospitalized with Covid.  

Although he doesn’t have a set banking center he visits exclusively, he believes one of the highlights of banking with South Shore Bank is the consistency in excellent client service that runs throughout all the locations he has visited. He mentions Mike Cashman at the Weymouth location as an example of great Banking Center Officers who offer personal attention.    

He is thrilled that the Bank is making operations more automated and loves that the new website is easy to use. Bart would absolutely recommend South Shore Bank to others, and he always does.