Red Door Real Estate

Red Door Real Estate in Quincy has been a continuing success ever since broker, Madelene Cheney, founded it in 2010. “I saw the opportunity to create the type of customized, personal service that could only come from a boutique residential real estate agency,” she says. “For example, when I worked at a realty franchise, I had sellers who wished to feature their homes in their neighborhood Irish or Chinese newspapers, but the company did not permit us to do so. With my own brokerage, I can tailor the marketing for my clients and give them the best possible advantages.” 

Madelene was first introduced to South Shore Bank when James Dunphy, South Shore Bank CEO, and James Twiss, Retail and Mortgage Officer, visited Red Door Real Estate to meet Madelene and learn about her agency. “I was impressed that they would take the time to get to know my business,” Madelene says. “After going over my statements with Jill Vail (Specialty Banking Coordinator), I switched not only my business accounts to South Shore Bank, but my personal accounts and home mortgage, as well. Refinancing my mortgage was seamless. Everyone involved kept checking in to make sure that nothing slipped through the cracks.”

Madelene is also thrilled that South Shore Bank offers the perfect suite of products that make running her agency more efficient. “With a real estate business, I make many deposits. My former bank statements did not include check images for my deposits; they would just show a lump sum. That meant regular visits to the bank where I would spend about an hour parsing out clients’ individual amounts in every deposit. With South Shore Bank, I can go online and see each check image immediately. I have gotten so much time back! I’m also saving money, because I am not paying the higher fees that my former bank charged.”

Another feature Madelene appreciates is her high remote deposit allotment. “As a real estate broker, you are making significant bank deposits into your account every month, and my former bank gave me an inadequate deposit limit. When I would call to ask for an increase, an automated system would put me on hold and then the answer would be no. When I call South Shore Bank, I get a person right away and I don’t have to worry about my remote deposit limits. Having a bank I can rely on has made a huge difference, personally and professionally.”