Grow Associates

South Shore Bank places great value on its relationship with long-standing client, Grow Associates, Inc., a nonprofit that provides therapy, learning activities, health care, day supports, employment training and more for those who have intellectual disabilities. “The people we serve are contributors who work jobs and volunteer in our communities,” says Executive Director, William Wasserman. “They contribute the resources of the state that support them. They are tax payers, as well. Every individual deserves the opportunity for a full and meaningful life as a part of greater society. South Shore Bank understands our mission and has played an integral role in fulfilling that mission over the years.” 

Wasserman is immensely grateful that Commercial Lending Officer, Tom Osuch, and Relationship Manager, David Willis, reached out to him during the pandemic shutdown: “They checked in to make sure I knew that government assistance was available and then helped us obtain Paycheck Protection Program loans, as well as a Jobs for New England Grant. It’s a nice feeling to know that your bank is looking out for you.”

Thanks to South Shore Bank’s help, Grow Associates, Inc. received funding that allowed it to continue providing its extensive services, offset PPE costs and upgrade its air filters, which electrostatically sterilize the building each night so that its clients and staff stay healthy. “South Shore Bank’s assistance was and is integral to our ability to continue our services. The PPP program helped keep us afloat,” says Wasserman.

South Shore Bank also showed its support by bestowing Grow Associates, Inc. with a grant through its Charitable Foundation. “The grant was very much appreciated,” says Wasserman. “South Shore Bank has always been a partner we can rely on. It understands the needs of our community and is not shy about putting time and resources into meeting those needs. During this tough time, its team’s many hours of overtime and selfless acts are a real testament to the bank.”