Curry Ace Paint & Hardware

Sean Curry is the current President of Curry Ace Paint & Hardware. He is the third-generation owner and loves being a part of the communities they serve. The business was started by Sean’s grandfather Paul Curry in 1945 and was the classic hardware/general store. His dad purchased the business in 1972 and then he and his father became partners in 1995. According to Sean, "for us it's all about helping our neighbors. We thoroughly enjoy helping someone paint a room or fix their plumbing. With my family, it has always been about helping others and we trickle that down through our staff and customers."   

Sean appreciates the genuineness he experiences with his relationship with South Shore Bank. "South Shore Bank feels like a family bank. They know my name and what my business is. That feeling of being genuine is appreciated and you just don’t get that everywhere anymore – in any store."  He recalls that this is also a value at Curry Hardware that they instill within their staff – to treat our neighbors the way you want to be treated. Sean continues, "I know when I go into a branch, Jim Twiss or News Marcelin is going to give me a wave or ask how they can help. We also have commercial mortgages and lines of credit with South Shore Bank and my loan officer, Mike Healy, is more than just someone that files paperwork. He helps me fill out forms, asks the right questions to make sure our business is heading in the right direction."  

Sean advises businesses to start a conversation and see how South Shore Bank can help your business. "The Bank's hands-on approach and 'want to help' attitude really sets them apart from other banks. South Shore Bank looks to build long-term relationships with the businesses they help."   

Sean Curry is a South Shore Bank Corporator.