Cara Group Travel

Cara Group Travel is proudly based in Quincy Massachusetts, and believes their competitive advantage exists from an attentive approach to customer relations which helps create bespoke travel solutions for groups with a range of travel purposes and budgets.

South Shore Bank appreciates working with clients who understand the importance of creating client experiences that resonate. Cara Group Travel specializes in designing group travel experiences to Ireland and Europe creating countless memories, vivid experiences, and cherished stories for a range of clientele including academic, heritage, musical, professional, religious, sporting, and touring groups.

“South Shore Bank is not like any bank that I have worked with before,” says Sara Stanton, Managing Director, Cara Group Travel. “Regardless of who you deal with they make you feel like you are their most important customer. Whether it is a communication through email, a chat on the phone or going into a branch the warm welcome and willingness to help is consistent.”

“As a small business you are always looking for a way to be efficient, save money while offering the best service. South Shore Bank truly is a part of your team and want you to be successful. They assisted me with saving on fees and securing a simple way to pay bills both domestic and international.”

Sara added, “From Susan Burns, Retail Officer, who helped me open the account; to Lihua Mei, Senior Personal Banking Advisor, at the Wollaston Branch; and Mark Coletta, Senior Sales and Service Officer, who helped with the Small Business Association Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan; all the way to South Shore Bank President Jim Dunphy, I want to say, "Thank you"! No question was too silly, and I never had to wait to hear from someone. “

“If you want a bank that is a true partner that takes their success from seeing your business succeed and grow, then South Shore Bank is the right choice. If you want a bank that is there for your business when you feel like you have no options, then South Shore Bank is the right choice.”