Founded in 1998 by Julian Gordon, Amramp has grown as the leading provider of modular wheelchair ramps, stairlifts, vertical platform lifts, and other accessibility solutions.  

What started more than 40 years ago as a producer of architectural metal items used by contractors and architects, producing stairs, rails, fire doors, and security products for doors and windows has turned into an organization that changes people’s lives. Every wheelchair ramp, stairlift, railings, or other product they install will change someone’s life by helping to increase accessibility for those facing life-changing mobility challenges to allow them access to the places they love. 

Justin Gordon, Chief Executive Officer of Amramp and Gordon Industries, runs the organization, based in Randolph, MA, supporting franchisor efforts in 60+ locations around the USA and Canada, and manufacturing their core ramp product at a brand-new state-of-the-art factory made possible with the support of a loan from South Shore Bank.  

Justin chose South Shore Bank because he knows about excellent customer service “we strive to provide for our franchise partners—they are genuine partners in Amramp’s efforts to make life better, and we drop everything to treat them in kind.” He continues, “I appreciate working with South Shore Bank because everyone we interacted with was not only professional but friendly, demonstrating they genuinely care about us. You cannot buy or fake that kind of client-centric culture; you build that by treating everyone well. Because most humans make decisions based on feelings when all else is equal, South Shore Bank is ahead of the game by promoting a positive customer experience.” 

It’s the people at the Bank that are the differentiator for Justin. In speaking about Stephen DiPrete, Chief Commercial Officer, “he is as intelligent as humble, and he lets his actions speak for him. Along with his texts or calls just to check-in. When we were considering a multi-million-dollar loan with South Shore Bank, the team Steve brought to us, Thomas Osuch, Commercial Banking Relationship Manager, demonstrated that same client-centric mentality—it’s something I could feel when I was in the room with them. Since then, Tom has been out to our location many times, and I sincerely appreciate being greeted with a caring smile. Once we became South Shore Bank clients, I was just as pleased with all the support from an even larger team who always respond quickly and proactively check in to ensure our needs are met. Not a lot of people do that these days, and the world needs more of that.” 

South Shore Bank appreciates our relationship with Justin and Amramp and agrees that building a long-term partnership is in all our interests in the spirit of sharing success so that our clients and our community thrive. As Justin puts it, “When referring someone to South Shore Bank, I would ask if they wanted to be treated as more than a number by people who are excellent with numbers. Working with South Shore Bank is forming a long-term partnership, where they treat us just as we treat our best customers.”